No, there is not any GPS-nano Chip in the newer 2000 notes

The current plan of the Indian government is to demonetize previous Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes and replace them with newer upgraded denominations of Rs. 2000 and Rs. 500. The process was done to stop any illicit operations running in the country, to invalidate the piles of money acquired by in the gunny bags and in concealed stores/banks overseas by several law offenders and to restart the system with a systematic data storing process that will fetch authentic and true reports about the country's economic run.

But somewhere amid the panicky concussion of notes ban, there crept a convincing message from social-media channels that the newer Rs. 2000 currencies will be boasting a GPS-nano chip set that acts as a signal reflector. The message explained that the chip is embedded in the newer notes to have a protective eye on the spots where money will be acquired because the chip will reflect the coordinates of its location. This will help in the tracking of unauthorized piles of money located anywhere and will help in diminishing the prevailing corruption.

The embedded NGC technique, though sounds totally convincing as it can't be easily tampered or removed plus it doesn't require any power source and still be tracked from below 120 metres from the ground.

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The aforementioned information appeared only a fairy-tale to the majority of the masses but with an accelerating pace the sham news took the air via Whatsapp and Twitter.

Actually, there isn't any GPS-nano chip installed in the new currency. The appearance has changed a lot and some new features have been deployed that would help visually impaired ones.
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