Top 10 Disha Patani's photos that will stun you for a while

In India, you can reach to an incredible success out of nowhere, just after getting linked to a string of big stars. Sometimes, people tend to show more attention to the performances of certain celebrities in a very short flick of time and Disha Patani is one of the actresses who had hit enough hearts and brains over some months in India.

The Bareilly born girl who made her debut in Loafer in 2016 before appearing in a Dairy Milk Ad in 2015, soon got a big hit, MS Dhoni: The untold story and i don't see anything going against her beautifully shaped career let alone her looks use to kill the movie buffs and the viewers alike.

We have collaged some of her nicely taken photos and you can yourself witness her innocence and exuisite charm.

Disha in award show

Bubbly days

Rose your ambiance

What hit you first, her jewels or she, herself

Whoa !!

Simple but deep

Raw and stirring

Florid and the typical cutest smile

Eyes don't lie

Award function appearance

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