BJP's Double Standards On Beef Ban in India

Beef Ban in India

BJP has been projecting itself as a protector of cows for many years to lure Hindu voters.
When Narendra Modi, India’s present Prime Minister, ran for office in 2014, he continuously raised the issue of Cow Slaughter. He criticized Manmohan Singh led UPA government by the coining the term”Pink Revolution”, - the slogan for India’s rising beef exports. BJP blamed the UPA for encouraging Beef trade in India for wooing country’s 180 Million Muslims.

 BJP promised to impose Beef Ban in India to curb this industry. In this article you’ll know the reality of BJP on this much hyped beef issue. You’ll see how they are just doing politics on this issue and fooling the innocent citizens of our country.

BJP’s Gimmick
BJP is doing several publicity stunts to continue fooling its staunch Hindu voters. Some of their state leaders have appointed cow vigilante. BJP led central Government has realesed notification to make the Aadhar card ofCows. Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh government deployed ambulances for cows  . While the Modi led central government appoints panel for scientific researchon cow dung, cow urine and cow milk .

BJP’s Double Standard On Beef Ban 
According to reports, India exported 2.4 million tonnes of beef during Financial Year 2015 while Brazil exported 2 million tonnes and Australia 1.5 million tonnes. These 3 countries account for 58.7% of all the beef exports in the world. It is surprising that India itself accounts for 23.5 percent of global beef exports.

The beef export of India is increasing continuously. You will be amazed to know that beef export in India is growing at the rate of 14% every year and India is earning as much as $4.8 billion alone from beef export which is much more than the basmati rice export.

Now have a look at the statement of some of the BJP's big leaders:

BJP Leader Kiren Rijiju: "I eat beef, I’m from Arunachal Pradesh, can somebody stop me?"

TOP BJP Leader Manohar Parikar: “We have not closed the option to stop getting meat from Belgaum (in Karnataka) to ensure that there is no shortage.

“I can assure you that inspection of beef from the neighbouring state will be done by a proper and authorised medical doctor, and not others,”

BJP CM also said around 2,000 kg of beef was slaughtered daily at the state’s only legal abattoir, the Goa Meat Complex, at Ponda.

“The rest (of the beef demand) is met by Karnataka.The government does not have any intention to restrict bringing animals for slaughter at the Goa Meat Complex from the neighbouring state.”
Source- Time Of India

BJP leader Bernard Marak: "In Meghalaya, most BJP leaders eat beef. The question of banning beef does not arise in a state like Meghalaya.

"If BJP comes to power in 2018, BJP will not ban beef. Instead, it will regulate proper rates for meat and legalise slaughterhouses, reducing the prices of beef and other meat".
Source- First Post

N Sreeprakash [BJP Candidate from Kerala] : There will be efforts from my side to ensure good quality beef at clean abattoirs".
Source- India Today

A BJP leader from Chattisgarh had promised good quality beef supply in the state. 

Karnataka BJP Spokesperson Vaman Acharya: "Before India became an agrarian country, there are examples where all communities including Brahmins have slaughtered cows for consumptions".
BJP had took fundings from Indagro Foods Ltd and two others meat companies to contest elections in 2014
Sangeet Som [BJP MLA, accused in Muzaffarnagar riots and did protest against beef] is the founder of a leading meat export company of India which is Al Dua Foods Processing Private Limited.
Source- The Hindu 

Better for them is that if the might save cows from chewing polyethene bags and to save them from roaming hungrily.

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Cow and beef is the nerve that divides Hindu & Muslim and by dividing them BJP gains votes of Hindus which is major in population and votes too! This is their propaganda why Gau- Rakshak is formed and why they are doing lynchings.

Coverage from media boosts polarisation among voters and no support from police enhance the spirit of mob lynchings in the name of cow and beef!

Now you know about BJP's Double Standards On Beef Ban in India. We'll keep exposing BJP's hypocrisy. Do write us in the comment box if you want to aware people about any issue.

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